Microsoft has announced their second known zero-day vulnerability within the last 60 days. This one affects older browsers including IE6 and IE7 - it doesn't seem to affect the old IE5.01 or the current IE8. Unfortunately, a patch is not yet available, and Microsoft has not yet announced when they will release the fix.

One day after Microsoft announced they were investigating new vulnerabilities in their Windows operating system, one of their executives was at the RSA conference in San Francisco suggesting a tax on all Internet users as an attempt to curtail the spread of malware.

The proposal was likened to the current health plan model that is being pushed in the United States, a social model where everyone pays for the good of the whole.

In light of recent rise in use of Adobe Reader exploits, we ask each of you to update to the latest version of the software. This popular software is on so many of your machines and it is imperative that you get the patches for recent Internet security vulnerabilities.

10 years of dispute between the European Union and Microsoft end in a victory for individual choice, as the mega-giant company agrees to allow Windows operating system users in Europe a choice from a variety of web browsers, instead of automatically imposing their Internet Explorer browser. Read more at the BBC News website.

By the way, Lavasoft offers our users Google Chrome as a compliment web browser to the Ad-Aware Internet Security product range. You'll find it available during the installation of Ad-Aware Free, Plus, Pro and Game Editions.

UKCCIS UK Council for Child Internet Safety

The UK is the first country in the world to introduce mandatory Internet security lessons for kids. 

The concept matches that from the 70s with the "Stop, look, listen" mantra of road safety. Only this time it will be more like "Zip it, block it, flag it".

We're back from our annual visit to the U.S. where we had the opportunity to meet with several of the industry's most influential IT editors and journalists. These folks are super busy, so we'd like to send another thanks to the following people who gave us the opportunity to sit and share our enthusiasm about our new Ad-Aware versions, as well as upcoming developments at Lavasoft.

Lavasoft was at the Virus Bulletin conference again last week, this time as one of the main sponsors. The folks from GData were there with their now infamous annual foosball tournament, or table football as it's formally known - for serious players (like our Microsoft adversaries), or for fun-loving teams like the ladies of Lavasoft.

GData Foosball Tourney 2009GData Foosball Tourney 2009

Lavasoft Goes Live

by Michael on September 7th, 2009 in Everyday Life at Lavasoft.

Live ChatLive Chat

By now many of you have heard that Microsoft is preparing to release a free version of anti-virus sometime in the near future (they call it Morro for now), and we are always asked what we think and does it make us nervous.

The Pirate Party, one of Sweden's many small political parties whose main platform addresses file sharing and digital rights, achieved monumental success in last night's EU elections - gaining over 7% of the Swedish vote and actually winning a seat in the European Parliament.

There is a large group of Internet security-minded folks gathered in D.C. (USA) this week for the annual Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC) public workshop event, including two of our own from Lavasoft. This year's workshop addresses the creation of a chain of trust online and how 'good actors' can cooperate in order to protect users.

Zango, a long-time adversary for Ad-Aware, is closing the doors. There is thus far conflicting news out there. The Register said yesterday that they are bankrupt. NetworkWorld said on Monday that they were purchased by Blinkx. There is also the personal blog posting of Zango co-founder Ken Smith that is worth the read if you are really interested.


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