Lavasoft was at the Virus Bulletin conference again last week, this time as one of the main sponsors. The folks from GData were there with their now infamous annual foosball tournament, or table football as it's formally known - for serious players (like our Microsoft adversaries), or for fun-loving teams like the ladies of Lavasoft.

GData Foosball Tourney 2009GData Foosball Tourney 2009

You may have heard the saying, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Not to add more pessimism to that phrase, but, judging by what we’ve seen in the past, and continue to see today, it seems that we could also tack on “online tax scams” to that list of inevitabilities.

Here’s a recent example: there’s a new tax-related spam campaign that has been making the rounds for weeks but is still going strong today. All US taxpayers should be aware of this one –


by Wolfa on September 18th, 2009 in Everyday Life at Lavasoft.

There’s some interesting reading, for those who want to learn more about cyber crime and how it’s progressing, over at today. The article “Cybercrime: A Secret Underground Economy” takes you through the process of ‘how the deed is done’ and gives estimates for what varying pieces of information go for on the online Black Market.

Today’s rogue security software warning –

An ‘unauthorized advertisement’ has been causing problems on The New York Times website; an ad has been spotted issuing pop-ups, warning visitors of a non-existent virus, and prompting them to download rogue security software.

As reported by CNET News:

If you are anything like me, and I daresay, like most young(ish) people of my generation, I would hasten a guess that you are on Facebook or MySpace. I would also lay money on the fact that you randomly update your page with mindless comments about you day- you know the sort of thing I mean. 'I missed the bus on the way to work', 'my boss is in a lousy mood', 'can't wait for my much deserved and longed after glass of wine this evening' etc etc. Dare I say it?

Are you satisfied with your Ad-Aware software? Help us to get the word out! Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine have kicked off the 2009 Community Choice Awards, allowing YOU to decide which products and services get chosen to be recognized in each of their IT product award categories. Lavasoft's Ad-Aware is up for the vote in the following categories:

  • Best Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Product
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This spring a U.S. Senate bill proposed a right for the White House to disconnect “critical” private computer systems and networks from the Internet in case of emergencies. The bill shifts the responsibility for cyber security from the Homeland Security Department to the White House and the overall purpose with the bill is to ensure the protection of vital infrastructure such as water, electricity, banking and electronic health records from cyber attacks.

Lavasoft Goes Live

by Michael on September 7th, 2009 in Everyday Life at Lavasoft.

Live ChatLive Chat

“Identity Theft Soars in 2009”
“Cyber Crime at Record Highs”
“Online Scammers Work Overtime in the Downturn”

An editorial piece in the New York Times caught my eye this past week. Here’s how it begins:

“Internet users used to comfort themselves by thinking that to become victims of the pirates of the Web, they had to frequent the online porn circuit or respond to an e-mail from the widowed wife of the former central bank governor of Nigeria. The idea was that one had to do something naughty to get caught in the wrongdoers’ net, or at least go for a late-night stroll in the rough end of town.”


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