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There are currently over 1 billion messages sent between users and businesses on Facebook Messenger every month. This figure comes from Eddie Zhang, Facebook's Product Manager for Messenger, who just announced that the social network will start testing a new advertising model in the messaging app. The ads will be targeted the same way that Facebook targets users in the News Feed but in this case, the ads will be shown below the user’s list of recent conversations in a carousel format, as per below.

A message from our CEO, Daniel Assouline

Earlier this month Evan Williams, the CEO of Medium, announced that the company was moving away from the standard online advertising model. The announcement was surprising for a number of reasons. For one thing, the online publishing platform had its best year in 2016, increasing readers and published posts by about 300% and becoming an authority for online news in a year when such authority was in short supply due to inaccurate US election coverage and a flood of fake news. 

February 2016: Million Dollar Spelling Mistake

The next major Windows 10 update will be rolled out to users in April of this year. Known as the Creators Update or Redstone 2, it will incorporate new media tools such as an update to Microsoft Paint allowing users to create 3D models by scanning objects with their phones. The company also plans to address the privacy concerns that have been raised by users, especially when it comes to the operating system’s data collection component which compiles and transmits user information to Microsoft. 

The main reason users seek out an antivirus program is to protect their computer against malware threats that can be spread through websites, email attachments, USB keys and other surprising vectors. Antivirus software has grown increasingly complex over the years to combat the creativity of cybercriminals, but most of these programs protect your computer in the same three ways: virus signatures, behavioral detection, and rule-based controls.

Have you ever searched for a deal on a laptop or jacket and for the following week, all you see are online ads about laptops and jackets? It’s clear to most users that companies are tracking our online  activities. While advertisers use a number of methods to track users’ online habits, one popular method is called a “tracking pixel," also known as a “web beacon.” 

A new Gmail-based phishing scam is convincing even the most tech-savvy users into revealing their usernames and passwords to cybercriminals. Phishing refers to an attempt to acquire sensitive information such as login credentials by posing as a trustworthy entity such as a bank or service provider. In this case, the phishing scam is targeting Gmail users and is one of the most convincing scams that’s been recently reported.

Since ad blocking extensions have quickly become popular, there are aspects of ad blocking software that may not be familiar to all users. For one thing, not all makers of ad blocking software are intrinsically against advertising. Sure, most ads are annoying and software makers want to create the best possible online experience for their users, but free online content could not survive as-is without some advertising.


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