Most consumers know all too well about the loss that can occur when private data falls into the wrong hands - a risk that has progressively increased in our digital world, where vast amounts of information is stored on our computers and passed back and forth electronically. For businesses, the repercussions of compromised data can be even more devastating.

Right now, when consumer data breaches are at a record high, accountability is a key issue.

The time is almost here again - beta time, that is! In just two weeks, we'll be asking our beta testers to again help us out in putting our upcoming new Ad-Aware product through its paces.

On November 10, we will release our first beta for the new version of Ad-Aware, due to be launched in January.

It's not often that Microsoft breaks their update cycle to release a patch but when they do it's generally a good idea to get that patch installed or face infection.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067 released this morning outlines a vulnerability in the Server Service, of ALL Versions of Windows, that allows for remote code execution (RCE).


by Wolfa on October 23rd, 2008 in Everyday Life at Lavasoft.

Advanced protection against network corruption and data intrusion


by Wolfa on October 17th, 2008 in Everyday Life at Lavasoft.

A word of caution as you look to update your PC with the latest security patches from Microsoft - attackers are taking advantage of Microsoft's October Patch Tuesday to try to con users into downloading bogus patches and infect them with malware.

We work hard to make sure our Ad-Aware programs ? whether it's the Free, Plus or Pro versions - are the powerful and efficient anti-spyware and anti-malware tools that our company is known and trusted for.

And we enjoy getting direct feedback to let us know how we're doing - whether it's an e-mail from a satisfied customer, a testimonial on a blog, or a reference on a tech site.


by Wolfa on October 10th, 2008 in Everyday Life at Lavasoft.

Even if excessive consumption of alcohol has grave consequences to your health, e-mailing while drunk can be even more hazardous to your relationships, private and professional alike. Google seems to think that this is enough of a problem to introduce Mail Goggles, a new experimental feature in Gmail.

To followup on my last post on cyber security awareness - the results of two recently released surveys show us that not only are security concerns a cause of worry for the majority of Internet users, many are not as secure as they might think.


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