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Ad-Aware Ad Block

The fastest and simplest ad blocker for Chrome and Firefox

Enhance your browsing with Ad-Aware Ad Block,
the best ad block extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Features and benefits

Stop banners, pop-ups and video ads with seamless ad blocking

Speed up browsing and reduce page load time

Hide your digital footprint by blocking trackers

Block malicious sites that contain phishing scams and dangerous downloads

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What makes Ad-Aware Ad Block different from other ad blockers?

In addition to its easy-to-use design and advanced security features, Ad-Aware Ad Block stands out as one of the few ad blockers which doesn't monetize its product by allowing selected ads to generate revenue. While we display advertising on select websites by default, it is only out of respect for the reputable publishers of these sites. In this way, we respect our users and don't penalize legitimate online publishers. Simple, convenient, and fair, Ad-Aware Ad Block puts the user in control.

Why should I use Ad-Aware Ad Block?

Ad-Aware Ad Block stops banners, pop-ups and video ads, ensuring a faster online experience with less interruptions. Our ad blocker is easy to set up, simple to use, and its straightforward interface allows you to control the amount of ads on your favorite sites. This allows you to stop distracting ads or support your favorite websites as you see fit.

What does Ad-Aware Ad Block do to ensure my online security?

In recent years, online advertising has become a standard method for hackers to spread malware to unsuspecting internet users. Installing our ad blocker stops these malicious advertisements from attacking your computer. Additionally, Ad-Aware Ad Block offers protection against spyware, malware, and phishing scams while guarding against online trackers to hide your digital footprint.

Why does Ad-Aware Ad Block have an exceptions list?

The exceptions list exists out of respect for the reputable online publishers we work with through our other products. We do not generate revenue from this list. If you would like to review this list or prefer to block ads on these sites, go to the Ad-Aware Ad Block settings page and select the Manage Exceptions button.

How can I support my favorite websites by allowing them to display advertising?

Ad-Aware Ad Block makes it easy to turn ad blocking on and off on select websites. Simply click the Ad-Aware Ad Block logo icon in your browser window. Press the power buttonto allow advertising on the current website you're visiting. Simply reload the page to see the changes. This action will permanently allow advertising on the selected site. If you change your mind, open Ad-Aware Ad Block by clicking on the icon in your browser and press the power buttonto enable ad blocking on the current site.

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Less ads, more speed with Ad-Aware Ad Block

Ad-Aware Ad Block provides advanced ad blocking for today's aggressive online advertising. Our free ad blocker extension blocks website ads, pop-ups and video ads, ensuring a faster online experience with less interruptions.

Built-in security features make this the best free ad blocker for Chrome and Firefox browsers. The ad block extension's settings are accessible via a single click from your browser, putting you in control of your online experience. Its user interface and advanced security features make this the best ad blocker for 2016.


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