Threatwork Alliance

Thank You for your interest in joining the Lavasoft Threatwork Alliance. If you didn't catch the message before, the Alliance is our global community of security volunteers that take an active role alongside Lavasoft as we battle cyber crime.

By submitting your suspicious files and sharing your scan results with us, we'll be able to turn that information into advanced and innovative technology that addresses the malware threats that threaten not only your own personal systems, but also those of your family, friends, colleagues and your company.

What's Important to know is that we do not keep or file any information that can identify you as an individual.

We repeat, we do not keep any personal information!

That stuff is all purged and never hits our database, so there is never a risk for breach of information. To help put your mind at ease, we offer you an example below of the information that is collected when you sign up as part of the Threatwork Alliance and agree to submit your scan results to our development team.

Thanks for your help! And never hesitate to tell us what you think. You can read Lavasoft's Privacy Policy here.

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Example of information collected

The XML file with data sent to Lavasoft consists of two parts: one with general information about your system and Ad-Aware, and another part containing a scan summary, including the scan settings, any infections found and what actions were taken to handle the infections.

General System & Software Information

  • GUID
  • Ad-Aware license type
  • Version ID
  • Timestamp
  • SDK version
  • Extended engine version
  • Definitions file version
  • Extended engine definitions version
  • Ad-Aware version
  • Operating System version

Scan results & Settings

  • Files scanned
  • Number of files detected
  • Summary of infections found
  • Details of infections found and cleaning action taken
  • Scan settings used

You can view a sample XML file here.


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