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Want to partner with Lavasoft? We'd like to hear from you. We are open to new business ideas, complementary products and technologies as well as plain commercial agreements that serve the needs of our users, community and our respective businesses. If you have an idea that doesn't fit the mold of the standard partnerships below, please write to us by clicking here and we'd be glad to discuss it.



Bring on the traffic.

With a brand that is well recognized, a product and technology that is respected and pricing that can't be beat - our product practically sells itself.

Combine that with aggressive payouts, customizable landing pages, a great checkout and amazing stats - it's all you need to start making more money.

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Bring on the deals.

Our reseller platform and team are here to assist all resellers from the PC tech that needs an easy way to get license-keys at a discount to the large VARs that need help building quotes and solutions for large deals.
Our automated platform is a great way to start. Get pricing, quotes and invoices - but don't hesitate to get help from our reseller team either.

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Security Vendors

Security Vendors

Promote your own brand. Rely on Ad-Aware's technology.

Want to roll-out your own anti-malware solution? Lavasoft can provide you with a quick, affordable and tested anti-malware software to promote to your users. Contact us and we'll help you get up and running with a fully functional anti-malware suite. Pick the features, the skin and where you want the links to point - it's (almost) that simple.

Security Vendors

Business, Technology Partnerships

If it's good for our users - there's a good chance we'll do it.

If you have a great technology or other innovative promotional ideas - we want to hear from you. Our only condition: It must have a clear benefit our users and the community at large. So fire away and let us know how we can collaborate and make the internet a safer, better place.


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