Yesterday we sent you to PC World for a review of 2006. Today it's time to look ahead and prepare for tomorrow.

2007 cyber criminals will be more sophisticated in their attack on unsuspecting victims. As computer users slowly become educated about 'phishing' scams, the scammers will need to come up with new ideas, certainly targeting social networking websites like, as well as instant messenger programs and internet telephone programs like Skype.

'Tis the season for the end-of-year reviews as well as predictions for what is ahead.

Today we send you to PC World for 2006: The Year in Security.

Come back again tomorrow for a peek at security and technology predictions for 2007.

We're So Proud

by Michael on December 19th, 2006 in Riff Raff.

We really are speechless. Honored. Humbled.

According to Google Earth, the Kingdom of Norway has now found itself smack-dab in the middle of the Kingdom of Sweden (see the photo)!

google earth

Johan Kinnander, the manager of Google's Scandinavian branch, only had this to say. "Jag måste kolla upp det här innan jag kan lämna någon kommentar" (translation: I must check on this before I can comment.)

Saint Lucia Day

by Erin on December 18th, 2006 in Everyday Life at Lavasoft.

We thought we'd share with you a bright, warm tradition, straight from Lavasoft headquarters.

On December 13th, people across Scandinavia greet the dark morning with candles and singing, marking the annual celebration of Saint Lucia in Sweden.

The tradition of Saint Lucia Day dates back to the Middle Ages, when December 13th fell on the winter solstice, the longest day of the year. The day is celebrated to honor the Sicilian martyr, Lucia.

Our security words of wisdom from last week are still true for this week: don't open or save Word files that you receive from untrusted sources, or even ones that you receive unexpectedly from someone you trust.

Just days after warnings of the first flaw, Microsoft told us about a second zero-day flaw, said to affect Word 2000, 2002, 2003 and Word Viewer. Microsofts Patch Tuesday fell on December 12th, but did not include fixes for the two flaws.

Our View

by Michael on December 13th, 2006 in Everyday Life at Lavasoft.

How would you feel about starting your day with a nice cup of strong Swedish coffee, and a view like this out over Gothenburgs harbor?

We love it too!

You don't always need to be at the top of a skyscraper to have a fantastic view of a city. We're pretty happy with our perch on the 8th floor of "The Lipstick," as our building is commonly called in Swedish.

You already know that Lavasoft is committed to creating a safer computing environment by protecting all of our users from the dangers of online threats in our cyber world.

But that commitment to a safe environment also extends to threats in the real world.

Tradera recently had an online auction, with all proceeds going to the non-profit organization Friends. When we saw the chance to uphold our commitment to corporate consciousness, we jumped at the opportunity.

Todays security words of wisdom: don't open or save Word files that you receive from untrusted sources, or even ones that you receive unexpectedly from someone you trust.

Microsoft is warning of a serious vulnerability in Word, stemming from a new, unpatched memory corruption error in the word processor.

Rogue anti-spyware vendors should take a cue from this case.

The U.S. state of Washingtons first case brought under its Computer Spyware Act just reached a conclusion, with a $1 million settlement.


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