In case you haven't seen it yet, the SANS Institute has come out with an updated Internet Security Attack Targets report and, no surprise here, phishing has made the top 20 list. What is a bit of a shocker is one of the methods that is recommended to combat spear-phishing attacks.

Unfamiliar with the term? Spear-phishing is a targeted phishing attack; spear-phishers will target a group, fool you into thinking that someone inside sent an e-mail, and then try to get confidential information from you.

There's been a recent buzz about all of the online scams gearing up to make profits off of the holiday shopping season.

Since today is the "Black Friday" of the online shopping world, the unofficial start of the online holiday shopping season, we thought we'd take the opportunity to make sure to raise your security awareness before you take out your credit card.

Giving Spam a Face

by Michael on November 21st, 2006 in Industry and Security News.

Ever wonder who is behind those spam mails that flood our inboxes?

Meet Alex "Blood" Polyakov, or a few of his other aliases, who tops off the Spamhaus stats as the world's most prolific spammer. The word unsavory does not begin to describe this Ukrainian who operates a large spam operation, including a child-porn spam ring, controlled through a massive botnet of infected PCs.

This is cool stuff. We have just released a special edition of the Definition File updates with 5,567 fake codec variants. This is cool stuff!

You won't get this one anywhere else. These fake codecs have been flooding cyberspace, and we're taking a stab at them. They have been mercilessly picking up victims and tossing them aside without a second thought. They infect, regurgitate, infect again, regurgitate, infect again, and so on, and so on.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has brought on another win for the good guys in the battle against spyware.

ERG Ventures, along with one of its affiliates, was ordered by a U.S. district court to stop distributing what the FTC says is deceptive and unfair software downloads. They will also be requesting that the operation give up any ill-gotten gains.

We use passwords for everything: logging on to our computers, using our cell phones, doing our banking, accessing our online accounts...

Here's some food for thought: which came first, the proliferation of passwords to secure our technology-centered lives, or the rampant use of little yellow Post-it notes, cluttering all of our desktops or jammed into our wallets?

Todays security news: Microsoft has released a new Security Advisory based on a vulnerability in part of the Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0, which could allow for remote code execution. The vulnerability is caused by an error in XMLHTTP 4.0 ActiveX Control.

Malicious hackers have reportedly already begun to exploit the flaw, which has not yet been patched.

You can surf the net with a little more ease this morning, knowing that an important legal benchmark has been set in dealing with those who sneakily install malware, spyware and adware onto your computer.

Zango, Inc., one of the world's largest distributors of adware, settled charges by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that the company violated federal law by using unfair and deceptive methods to download adware and obstruct consumers from removing it.

In the spirit of Halloween, it's the perfect time to share with you some truly spooky information.

Ghosts and goblins may just be myths, but zombies have become a real threat, at least in computer terms.

Botnets are collections of infected, zombie computers that are controlled autonomously by attackers to send spam remotely, install more spyware without consent, or for criminal purposes.


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