While spam levels are still on the rise, it seems that e-mail users are less bothered by it. According to a new Pew Internet report, the amount of people who identify spam as a big problem in their online lives has dropped nearly 10 percent since 2003, when the study was originally conducted.

On Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Internet Spyware Prevention Act, which you may know as I-Spy, a bill that aims to create a federal law to take on spyware. I-Spy calls for:

  • making it a criminal offense for an individual to place unauthorized code on a computer and use it to obtain or transmit personal information or to impair the security protections on the system.
  • fines and prisons terms of up to five years for those responsible for such acts.

As you might have noticed, Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Seven is the final beta, which means that we are gearing up for the big release in June. Besides the obvious work of putting the finishing touches on the software itself, it also includes getting the packaging ready, designing the product manuals, and generating the serial numbers for each and every product.

Another Rogue Site

by isergant on May 21st, 2007 in Security Alerts.

Another rogue site was discovered today.


We post these in the hopes of educating computer users everywhere - please be careful with the sites you order your product from.

Researchers from Google surveyed billions of sites and analyzed 4.5 million web pages, showing the sheer volume of web-based malware.

Harmonized Horses

by isergant on May 11th, 2007 in Riff Raff.

Even in Sweden we need a break now and then from the seriousness that surrounds us. Enjoy!

Harmonized Horses

Make sure to click on the horses.

beta screenshotThis is it - the final Ad-Aware 2007 beta release before our official launch in June.

We are absolutely gobsmacked at the outpouring of community spirit during this beta process. 302,335 individuals from around the world registered as beta testers for our flagship product.

If you haven't noticed, we now have RSS feeds up and running for both our blogs. Besides adding them to the feed reader of your choice, we have also provided links that instantaneously add them to your personalized homepage at MyYahoo, Google or MyMSN.

A quick tip: Research always posts to the News from Research blog when they release a new definition file, so if you subscribed to the feed you would get notified.


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