Attention Beta Testers

by Michael on March 7th, 2007 in Beta Testing, Lavasoft Products.

Wow! We have received an overwhelming response and interest in the Ad-Aware 2007 Beta. Nearly 50,000 people had already downloaded the Beta in a matter of hours after release. Since we currently have 127,000 registered beta testers, we realize there are a number of you out there who still need to download the Beta.

As a result, we're optimizing the process to make sure you can properly register for the download and access all of the instructions and information that you need from The Beta Page. Until the optimization is complete, some of you will gain access, and unfortunately, others will not.

A number of other websites have posted links to download the Beta. Please keep in mind that this is a Beta software program, meaning that while we work on some kinks, you can expect to encounter bugs of all kinds. That's why we have set up The Beta Page, so that you will have access to all of the necessary information you will need for testing the Beta - download instructions, bug report forms, a list of known bugs that we are working on, the Lavasoft beta forum, and much more.

Remember, if you have not already signed-up as a Lavasoft beta tester, you need to register on the Beta - Applications page of the Lavasoft Security Center. (Note: Registering as a beta tester is in the lower section of the page and is not the same as the log-in at the top of the page. The log-in is for when you have already registered as a beta tester and have been sent an e-mail with your beta password.) When you receive an e-mail with your registration details, you will then be able to access The Beta Page by logging in on the Beta - Applications page (after optimization is complete).

Thank you for your patience and we'll keep you updated throughout the day with additional information. From all of us here at Lavasoft, thank you for the great response!

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