As stated by Help Net Security a new Firefox plugin, "Firesheep", can be used for "sniffing" HTTP sessions that are unencrypted. The plugin can be used for hijacking online services, such as social networks - and other online services that require a login. The Firesheep plugin makes it thereby possible for perpetrators to impersonate users by simply hijacking their sessions at services such as Facebook, WordPress,Twitter, Google, Flickr, etc.

As reported by, three men - from the US and Sweden - responsible for spreading infamous scareware such as "Errorsafe" and "Drivecleaner" may be facing hard penalties for their fraudulent activities. They operated via a Ukraine-based company called "Innovative Marketing" located in Kiev. The fraud scheme of the perpetrators was based on tricking gullible users into believing that their computers were heavily infected.

Users that are looking for information regarding Gray Powell, associated with the Apple iPhone 4.0 leak, may find themselves redirected to rogue websites that launch a fake anti-virus scan upon arrival.

The period between the mid-1940's and the early 1990's came to be called the Cold War, a time characterized by conflict between the Soviet Union and the Western world. That period was paved with an arms race, and military muscles were flexed to their rupture limit. The superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States, threw themselves into a "tech-race" that took the rocketeers and humanoids to where no man had gone before - to space. The Cold War period also encompassed concepts such as the "proxy-wars" which account for the fact that the main combatants never came to face each other in direct battles. So what has changed since then?

As reported previously, Google Street View was launched in Sweden on April 21. Yesterday, BBC News reported that Greece has put "Hellenic-power-assisted brakes" on the Google camera fitted "surveillance" units while the privacy issues of the Google Street View service are debated.

Various reports state that huge numbers of PCs throughout the world have been “zombified” during the last year. Still, the true number of hijacked computers is likely much higher than what's stated, making botnets a massive global security problem.

Google Street View has now - starting Tuesday, April 21, 2009 - been launched in Sweden. Google's 360 degrees horizontal and 290 degrees vertical filming may catch you in action when you are taking your daily walk on the boulevard! Google Street View, a feature associated with Google Earth and Google Maps, was first launched in May 2007, when Google´s Chevy Cobalt units with roof-mounted cameras became part of the city images.

The men behind The Pirate Bay were today found guilty of aiding and abetting illegal downloads of copyrighted materials via their BitTorrent Tracker site. The accused were all sentenced to one year's imprisonment by the Stockholm District Court.


Strasbourg is not only the capital principal city and the capital of the Alsace region in France - it’s also the seat of the European Parliament. Yesterday, March 26, it was the place where the privacy of Internet users and the fundamental freedoms on the Internet was subjected to voting.

The Australian government is currently running a mandatory content-filtering trial in order to block child pornography and other content that is considered "improper". The filtering or "clean feed" is based on the Australian Communications and Media Authority's (ACMA) blacklist which contains addresses to websites that are prohibited.

...they snatch their "presents" from gullible computer users!

As the holidays are quickly approaching, many people around the world plan to do some serious shopping for Christmas presents. Unfortunately, this time of year also means a peak in cyber crime activity. In shopping malls - and other crowded places - thieves are lurking around, waiting to get their hands on people's well deserved earnings. One mistake, one lost moment, and your wallet may be gone forever.

Navigating the Sea of Fake Codecs

by Pekka on September 29th, 2008 in Security Tips.

The Internet has become a major scene for sharing all sorts of media files. These files may have been compressed using different codecs, some free and some commercial. What is a codec? A codec, in this case, is used to decode compressed data streams in order to make them viewable and audible in a proper player. Watching an AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) video and audio file with compressed data, or other compressed movie formats, may require a proper codec. The amount of codecs out there amounts to a level that makes it hard for common users to find and install the correct one required to play an eagerly awaited sequence of images. The situation gets even more complicated considering that unscrupulous individuals want to transform the common codec-eagerness into cash in, one way or another, by offering fake codecs. Read more below about false codec lures, codecs in general and possible ways to avoid getting scammed-


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