Here at Lavasoft, we keep a very close eye on the wants and needs of our customers to ensure that we’re bringing you the advanced solutions you require to safeguard your online privacy and security. With these current needs in mind, and in order to focus on future key solutions to protect your privacy, as of June 8, 2009, we will no longer offer new sales of our stand-alone anti-virus product, Lavasoft Anti-Virus Helix.

The French Government is currently discussing a new law proposal referred to as “Loppsi 2” (Loi d’orientation et de programmation pour la performance de la securité intérieure) which is intended to be implemented in France between 2010 and 2015. The French Government refers to “Loppsi 2” as an efficient tool in the war against illegal activities on the internet such as pedophilia, however, even if that remains unsaid the law is of course also intended to be used in order to prevent other types of illegal online activities. 

New rogue: Unvirex

by LS Anders on June 2nd, 2009 in Rogues.

Unvirex is a new rogue that disguises itself as a video codec. While trying to install the codec, the user is told that the codec is going to be scanned for viruses using Unvirex.


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