Tuning Up Your Computer

While we expect our computers and the Internet to bring added convenience to our lives, computer performance issues can hold back productivity and may even indicate security troubles. Get started on creating and maintaining a healthier PC.

Is your PC not running as smoothly as when you first bought it? You may not be getting the best performance from your computer. There are a few common culprits that drain the efficiency and, at times, the security of your PC.

Spyware, Adware, and Viruses

Spyware and malware are among the most common culprits of a slow running PC. Not only can malware put your privacy at risk, it can also sap your computer's processing power. At Lavasoft, we offer combined anti-spyware and anti-virus tools - Ad-Aware Free and Ad-Aware Pro - to give you complete malware protection.

Poor Memory Management

Your computer utilizes two kinds of memory: RAM (for fast access to temporarily stored information) and hard disk space (for slower access to permanently stored information). Your operating system and applications require available RAM to run properly. Monitor the number of programs you have open at any one time. Too many programs automatically running at startup can also be a cause of slow-downs. Check to see which programs run automatically when you start your computer, and remove any unnecessary ones. To manage your disk space, delete unwanted files or archive your data by using a removable storage device. If you're running out of disk space, you always have the option to add a new hard drive to your machine.

Errors in the Windows Registry

Your computer's registry, the database containing information about programs installed on your PC, can become bogged down with corrupt and unused data. Registry debris and errors are commonly caused by applications that fail to clean registry entries, and even by spyware and adware. The effect is often a slow-running computer, accompanied by freezing and system crashes. You can increase your computer's speed and stability with a registry scanner and repair tool. With the flood of registry cleaners on the market today, promising to speed up and optimize your PC, finding trustworthy solutions is no easy task. Try Lavasoft's Registry Tuner, developed with safety and ease-of-use in mind, to identify, clean, and correct these errors. One-click optimization, a scheduler for setting regular scans, and an interface that guides you through the cleaning process ensure convenient PC tuning.

For more information on additional tools to maintain your PC's health and security, see our articles: Security Software Basics and Keep Your Information Under Your Control.


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