Vendor FAQ

What is Ad-Aware?

Ad-Aware is an anti-spyware software that is designed to provide computer users with information about content that is installed on their system. This content may be present with or without the user's knowledge. Ad-Aware is also designed to provide the user with a means to remove detected content if they so choose. This decision, however, is entirely in the hands of the user and Lavasoft does not require that any detected content be removed.

What is Ad-Aware's purpose?

The purpose of our software is simple and straight forward. Ad-Aware is designed to report the presence of content (that users may or may not be aware of) that is installed on computers and/or networks.

Who is responsible for acting on the information provided by an Ad-Aware scan?

The end user is the only decision maker when it comes to acting on information provided by Ad-Aware software. Lavasoft does not require that anything our software detects should or should not be removed. This choice is at the discretion of the end user.

What does TA mean and how does it help users to make educated decisions?

Threat Analysis (TA) includes a list of categories and criteria derived from what the industry in general, the privacy community, Lavasoft, and our users have determined provide relevant and important information to users.

As TA criteria is based on actual behavior and intent perceived from that behavior, Lavasoft provides consumers with information that may be pertinent when they are assessing potential system threats.

How do I contact Lavasoft if I believe that my application or URL is detected with outdated or inaccurate information?

Please use our Vendor Inquiries system to submit a vendor ticket. Our Security Center analysts will completely review the application, and will get back to you with an official report. It is important that you include complete and detailed information on your ticket, or we will not be able to process your information. Vendor Inquiries are only processed using this system; those sent to general company e-mail addresses will not be processed.

I have submitted a vendor ticket. How long will it take to process my inquiry?

Tickets are generally processed within two weeks, if all the required information has been supplied. However, complete analysis can vary depending on the complexity of the inquiry.

How often can I submit tickets?

Vendor tickets can be submitted once every 90 days per application; any subsequent request submitted within this time period will not be processed. Attempting to flood the system with multiple tickets will not result in a faster response, and may delay an official report.

After submitting a ticket, I received a full report. What do I do now?

All reports include recommendations for corrective actions that vendors can take to reduce threat assessment under our Threat Analysis system, regarding the inquiry in question. If changes are made, vendors can submit a new vendor ticket, as long as it does not fall within the 90 day submission limit.

After submitting a ticket, I received a full report but I do not believe that it is accurate. What do I do now?

All reports are final and are based on technical analysis. We take great care to ensure accuracy and stand firmly behind our results. In order to accommodate vendor needs, we are willing to schedule a conference to discuss the official report, if there are questions regarding the results. Conferences are not an appeals process, and will only be used when absolutely necessary to answer questions.


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