Why Ad-Aware 2007 is Still a Must Have

From day one, we believed - and still believe - that computer users everywhere have the inherent right to choose what products they use to protect their personal privacy. So we are always just a littl...
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Why Ad-Aware 2007 is Still a Must Have

by isergant on February 22nd, 2007 in Lavasoft Products.

From day one, we believed - and still believe - that computer users everywhere have the inherent right to choose what products they use to protect their personal privacy. So we are always just a little sceptical when Goliath force-feeds their newest programs on so many trusting and forgiving souls.

One of our anti-spyware counterparts recently sponsored a test, carried out by the independent testing facility Enex Testlabs, to evaluate how Windows Defender measures up in the anti-spyware industry. The results are not very promising. The Enex test reports that Microsofts Windows Defender blocked less than half (46 percent) of dangerous spyware threats, well below the score of third party anti-spyware vendors.

We know that Microsoft is Microsoft; it's the software giant behind the worlds most used operating systems, along with countless other applications and services. But, there will always be holes, vulnerabilities, and exploits. It's the very popularity of the mighty Microsoft that also makes its applications and services the perfect target for hackers and cyber-criminals.

And that's why you, the computer user, must have the right to personally choose customized solutions to keep your computer and your information safe.

Lavasoft answered the call to establish the original anti-spyware company in 1999, and we know that the need for spyware defense is even more critical today. That's why Ad-Aware 2007, along with being Vista compatible and soon Vista certified, will deliver the powerful protection you expect to guard against online threats.

Here are a few of the "must knows" about Ad-Aware 2007:

- It's an All New Ad-Aware. Ad-Aware 2007 has a brand new, super powerful engine that frees up your time, increases your productivity, and keeps your computer performing at optimal level. Ad-Aware 2007 is not just a modification of our existing product. We are delivering an all new, fully rebuilt product, which we will continue to develop to ensure you have the latest technology to protect your privacy.
- Daily and Incremental Updates. Incremental updates mean that you are guaranteed a quick download from our comprehensive Detection Database. You'll free up precious computer resources sooner with the quick downloads, and you'll be shielded from the latest threats with priority updates.
- Quick, Efficient Scans. Ad-Aware 2007's thorough scans will let you know exactly what threats are lurking on your computer, faster than any other products out there. As it stands now, Ad-Aware 2007 has the fastest scan on the market. Quick scans free up your computer resources and allow you to focus on other things.
- Commitment to Cost-Free Security. At Lavasoft, we are committed to providing a completely free product, Ad-Aware 2007 Free, alongside our paid products. That means no trial versions and no strings attached. It's a business practice that sets us apart from our competitors. In the face of the cut-throat commercialism that you often see from other vendors, we stand firmly by the belief that everyone is entitled to privacy and security for their personal information.

Get more Ad-Aware 2007 updates here, in Lavasoft News, and in the Support Forums.

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