More on Rogues, Scareware - And How to Keep Safe

by Erin on December 3rd, 2009 in Rogues, Security Tips.

As you may have seen, Lavasoft recently announced the launch of a new reference tool to combat rogues - The Rogue Gallery - giving users like you a way to easily identify what security programs are rogue, or fake.

News of The Rogue Gallery was quickly picked up by a number of tech and security sites. We’re pleased to see Malware Labs' work in monitoring and apprehending these fake programs being recognized – allowing more computer users to become aware of this growing threat, and to learn how they can avoid becoming the next victim. As PC World’s Erik Larkin put it, “...the site is another welcome tool to help combat the fraudulent schemes that rake in big bucks for the crooks behind the scams.”

And there’s no question that the scammers are raking in plenty through this malware model, creating new rogue programs at a rapid rate. According to our researchers at Malware Labs, this past November alone saw the release of 22 new rogues – almost one new rogue program per day. Take a look at this year-long perspective:

While these rogue programs abound on the Web, it’s not easy for computer users to tell the difference between real and bogus security software. Considering the number of users who do fall for the fakes, it’s clear that more awarenes is still needed to make sure that rogue vendors stop profiting from unknowing users. On that note, you’ll also find a segment on The Rogue Gallery giving a brief explanation of rogues and scareware, and simple tips you can use to keep safe from them. Check back often at The Rogue Gallery for the latest updates!

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