How to Remove NewPlayer Ads and Coupons

  There is one feature in NewPlayer that you may not like – once installed, it displays pop-up advertisements, discount coupons in your browser, creates ad-links for non-popular websites from r...
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How to Remove NewPlayer Ads and Coupons

by News Editor on June 6th, 2014 in Security Tips.

There is one feature in NewPlayer that you may not like – once installed, it displays pop-up advertisements, discount coupons in your browser, creates ad-links for non-popular websites from random words on webpages you visit, it may even open new windows with ads without your approval.

Here are some other facts about NewPlayer we would like to pay your attention to:

•    It creates 2 tasks in your Task Scheduler (NewPlayer Update and NewPlayer    _wd) - to launch the application on startup, and to get automatic updates without user's initiation (it is usually done to avoid any UAC prompts, and it slows down your boot time).

•    During installation, NewPlayer launches android.exe process (detected as a badware by 26 antivirus companies), which in his turn, creates a folder in your hidden system folder - Temp.

•    It may silently configure your Proxy settings to control all the traffic sent to/from your machine, which may cause problems with your internet connection.

•    Even if you are not using New Player, 3 processes are constantly running on the background ‘eating’ your CPU:


•    It may ask you to download some fake software updates, or ‘necessary’ flash players that should help to display content properly, but at the same time, they may hide new unwanted programs in themselves;

•    The name of advertiser in banners is very small, so you may not even notice it:

•    See below how your YouTube page may look like if you have NewPlayer installed – full of “Ads” or “Articles by NewPlayer”. Sometimes, a ribbon with promotions (usually located on the bottom of the page), can hide some content that you won’t be able to see before you open/close these ads.

•    It may show you banners from affiliated advertisement companies, such as ‘OnlineBrowserAdvertising’, ‘Media_Player_AIR+’ etc.:

•    While shopping online, you can see coupons and deals with similar products available on other websites that are not that popular like Amazon or eBay, for example. It is done to increase traffic for these particular sites from users’ clicks:

•    There is a ‘Close’ option on the banners, but if you reload a page, new deals will appear.

•    It can even block the whole webpage you attempt to access, and unless you either click on ‘Close’ option or the advertisement itself, you won’t be able to see desired content.

•    The page can re-load on its own to show you a new ad; while the page is being refreshed, you cannot click on a desired item -> performance of your browser goes down. NewPlayer pop-ups can appear in any random place of the page.

If you want to remove NewPlayer from your PC, please find below uninstallation steps:

Note. This is a self-help guide. Use it at your own risk. This article is provided "as is" and to be used for information purposes only.

1.    Before you start, please make sure you are logged as a system administrator. Also, please save a copy of your important documents/files on an external hard drive.

2.    From your desktop, click on Windows Start button and choose Control Panel option (Windows 8 users: right-click on ‘Windows Start’   icon (by default, it is located in the left bottom corner of your screen), and choose Control Panel from the context menu).

•    Click ‘Programs and Features’ (Windows Vista, 7 and 8)/‘Add or Remove Programs’ (Windows XP).

•    Find ‘NewPlayer’ in the list, right-click on it and choose Uninstall. On the last step, please choose an option ‘I want to manually reboot later’. In our analysis sample, there were 2 NewPlayers in the list (see screenshot below). So once you are done with the uninstallation, please press F5 on your keyboard while being in the same Control Panel window, and if you find 2nd NewPlayer, please remove it as well (note. If you receive an error about program “already uninstalled”, just click on ‘Yes’ to complete the process).

•    You may also have another program related to NewPlayer here – Media_Play_AIR+ (with a strange Publisher name - enter) – if so, please remove this one as well.



3.    Please make sure that hidden files in your Windows Explorer are visible: Start –> Control Panel (Appearance and Personalization) –> Folder Options –> ‘View’ tab –> find ‘Hidden files and folders’ and choose an option ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives’.

4.    Follow this path - C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Temp -> highlight all the files/folders here -> press ‘Shift’+’Delete’ and click ‘Yes’ to completely clean this folder.

5.    Please find the directories below and make sure that all the NewPlayer files/folders are removed (you may not find some of the components, it is normal):

C:\Program Files(x86)\NewPlayer
C:\Program Files\Uninstaller
C:\Program Files (x86)\globalUpdate
C:\Program Files (x86)\Media_Play_AIR+
C:\Users\adm\AppData\Local\newplayer (XP users: C:\Documents and Settings\test\Local Settings\Application Data\newplayer)

6.    Please open Internet Explorer browser -> press Alt+x keys on your keyboard to open Tools menu -> Internet Options -> ‘Connections’ Tab -> in the ‘Local Area Network (LAN) settings’ section click on ‘LAN Settings’ button -> in a new window, please make sure that a box ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’ in UN-checked, and click on ‘OK’ (Note. If you are using Proxy server by default, please skip this step).

7.    Right click on ‘Computer’ icon on your desktop -> choose ‘Manage’ from the context menu -> expand ‘System Tools’, then - ‘Task Scheduler’ menu -> click on ‘Task Scheduler Library’:

•    Find 2 tasks called ‘NewPlayer_wd’ and ‘NewPlayer Update’ -> right click on these and choose ‘Delete’ from the context menu.

•    If you find other suspicious tasks here – such as ‘globalUpdateUpdateTask’ (Important! Do not mix it with Google Update – a safe task that keeps your Google software up to date.), please delete these as well.

•    Also, please check whether you don’t have tasks with random set of symbols instead of a name here (on our test PCs, there were 6 tasks called ‘5d34f10d-076a-4b95-8a7b-2e7c7e1940b5…’ related to Media_Play_AIR+).

•    To make sure you are deleting a correct task: highlight one for the inferior menu to appear -> in the ‘Actions’ tab ‘Details’ section you can see a path of program that is used for this task):

8.    Now please remove NewPlayer traces from your registry. Before you start, please make sure you understand how important this part of your PC is. You cannot restore data from here once you delete something (‘Ctrl+Z’ never works in Registry Editor). And if you delete an incorrect component by mistake, it may damage your OS and make it unusable.

•    To open the Registry, press ‘Win+R’ keys on your keyboard -> in the opened window type regedit and press ‘Enter’.

•    Highlight 1st registry section called ‘Computer’ -> press Ctrl+F keys on your keyboard -> make sure Keys, Values, Data boxes in the ‘Find’ window are checked -> type newplayer in the search field and click OK. Search results will highlight a key/value/data that contains NewPlayer components. If you find the exact name of a program you want to remove, right click on the element in question and choose ‘Delete’. If it’s a value/data, right click on the value and choose ‘Modify’, then highlight harmful data and press ‘Delete’ key on your keyboard.

•    Use F3 key to continue the search and to find all the necessary files.

•    Exit the registry editor and reboot your PC.

Next, please install Ad-Aware to make sure you don’t have any infections:

•    Click here to download Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ and follow installation instructions from Ad-Aware User Guide (‘Installation and Uninstallation’ -> ‘Ad-Aware Install’ section).

•    Perform a full scan of your PC with Ad-Aware (following Ad-Aware User guide: ‘Scanning System’ -> ‘Running a scan’ section).

•    Restart your PC.

10.    Finally, you would need to install a new free media player to watch your favorite videos, please choose one from the links below. Because all these players are free (but trusted and powerful), we highly recommend to:

•    Read all the Terms and Conditions you accept during installation;
•    Always choose Custom installation instead of a Full/Complete/Express one;
•    Read the text in every installation window before blindly clicking ‘Next’ (uncheck all the pre-selected boxes if any; look for a grey inconspicuous ‘Decline’ button instead of choosing ‘Next’ if you do not want to install additional programs).
  – VLC Media Player – Media Player Classic – KMP Player – GOM Player

Lastly, it is recommended to always keep your antivirus up-to-date with a real-time protection turned on, and perform weekly full scans to stay protected at all times.

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