Five of the biggest software patching myths

The software we use on our computers is in regular need of attention. Like a racing car needing to find the optimum performance or a pair of socks in the ‘make do and mend’ post-war days, your sof...
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Five of the biggest software patching myths

by News Editor on April 23rd, 2015 in Industry and Security News.

The software we use on our computers is in regular need of attention. Like a racing car needing to find the optimum performance or a pair of socks in the ‘make do and mend’ post-war days, your software must be patched up on a regular basis to keep it fit for use. 

The trouble is, while most people accept this they are also spooked by the myths in this field. You wouldn’t leave the car to stutter, stall and grind to a halt and you wouldn’t want gaping holes in that pair of socks and, likewise, it’s important the software is running well without holes in its system to be exploited by hackers.

It’s time to look at the myths and explore why you shouldn’t let these paralyse you into inaction when it comes to software patching…

Wait and see

Many people will tell you that it is best not to apply a patch until at a month or two after they are released. There is always a genuine concern that a new patch will come with a bug but – just like with the hotel you’re eyeing up for your holiday – it’s easy to get spooked by one negative story online. 

Just remember that, while you wait, you could be prone to falling foul of the issue the patch is there to fix and problems with updates are far less dangerous than those posed by hackers. As Brien Posey writes on Search Engine Desktop: “Until you apply a patch, you are vulnerable to a well-documented exploit. In my opinion, it is prudent to do your own patch testing, but I do not recommend simply waiting to see if anyone else reports problems.”

Stick with XP

Microsoft might be about to move on to Windows 10 but many people want to cling on to their tried-and-tested copy of XP for a little bit longer yet. XP is well loved because it has proved to be a reliable system but the fact that it is no longer supported by Microsoft is a problem, whatever you may have heard. Hackers know that XP won’t benefit from patches to fix known issues, leaving the systems more prone to problems.

Time consuming

Many businesses fear that constant updates to their software will hold up their work for unnecessary amounts of time, but this needn’t be the case. offers a swift and pain-free process with Nomad software – and can even wake computers up at night for necessary patches with Nightwatchman, before shutting them back down again, meaning the whole thing is done without the need to interrupt work.

One update and you’re away

You must always analyse your patches and ensure they’ve been effective. Remember that someone may have been off on holiday when you deployed a fix and may not have benefitted from the patch in question. It’s as wrong to assume this will have worked without checking as it is to assume you’re safe without a patch.

Automatic updates

It’s easy to go about your business merrily thinking that software patches will simply present themselves when they’re good and ready. Microsoft is pretty good but not everyone has an automatic patching system. It’s important to check a software manufacturer’s website periodically – something that is worthwhile even if it has an automatic process in case something is missed.

Written by: Debbie Fletcher, freelance reporter. She is an enthusiastic, experienced writer who has written for a range of difference magazines and news publications.

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