A Closer Look at EULAs

By not fully reading software license agreements, you may be in danger of installing unwanted material on your PC, and ultimately becoming a victim of spyware and adware. Learn more about End User License Agreements and the consequences of only skimming their text.

Understanding EULAs

An End User License Agreement, or EULA, is a software license agreement that indicates the terms for an end user to utilize certain software.

Yes, that fine-print legal jargon that makes you want to check the box next to, "Yes, I have read and accept these terms," without fully reading the text, is a legal agreement between you and a software vendor.

The Significance of Software Agreements

By not fully reading the EULA, you may agree to questionable activities by the software vendor, like installing spyware and adware on your computer. Zlob Trojans that pose as codecs needed to install videos, also known as Smitfraud Trojans, frequently include proper disclosure of what will be downloaded to your PC in the software license agreement. In order to avoid installing malware, in many cases, computer users simply need to read the EULA prior to installing software.

According to a Lavasoft poll, 63 percent of respondents said they accept End User License Agreements without reading the text, while another 28 percent admitted to only skimming the text. Though many of us are guilty of not reading EULAs, it is important to read all software license agreements and privacy statements carefully before installing new software.

If the EULA is hard to find or difficult to understand, it may be wise to reconsider installing it. You should never install software without knowing exactly what it is. Be sure to take the time to read EULAs carefully!


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