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Lavasoft TuneUp Kit

Get the best out of your PC
Optimize your computer performance and turn it into a faster and more reliable machine. Identify and correct Windows registry issues, keep drivers up-to-date, improve booting time, remove unnecessary files that clutter the hard drive and more in only a couple of clicks.

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Overview & Features

Lavasoft's TuneUp Kit offers you all the needed tools to bring your PC back in shape and to rediscover out of the box computer speed within minutes. It's a powerful utility bundle (PC Optimizer and Driver Updater) that allows you to safely identify and correct your computer issues, improving its speed, stability and overall system functionality.

Driver Updater

Keep your drivers up-to-date

Lavasoft Driver Updater automatically scans your computer for missing or outdated drivers. It then finds, downloads and organizes them, prompting you every time a more suitable driver for your PC was found.

Remove outdated drivers

Automatically detects and removes outdated or obsolete drivers from your computer, uncluttering it and making it easier to manage.

Create backups of your PC’s drivers

Creates backups of all installed device drivers on your PC giving you the ability to automatically reinstall them when needed.

Extensive driver's database

Lavasoft Driver Updater fetches your drivers from an extensive database with over 80,000 drivers covering the vast majority of hardware devices such as motherboards, video cards, sound cards, network cards, modems, monitors, mice, keyboards, digital cameras, video capture cards etc.

PC Optimizer

Optimize your registry

Lavasoft PC Optimizer scans, cleans and fixes your Windows registry of invalid or corrupt keys that may cause system instability, errors, crashes and general system slowdowns.

Reduce boot-up times

Suggests for removal the unnecessary programs that are trying to launch when your Windows starts up to increase its booting speed, to free up memory and to improve performance.

Clean up computing history

Helps you erase the history of chat conversations and downloaded files (including music, video and photos), your browsing and searching history, temporary internet files, typed-in URLs, tracking cookies (including flash cookies) and more…

Identify optimization opportunities

Keeps you up to date on how well your PC is performing and what was already optimized through the Lavasoft PC Optimizer and what can still be optimized to improve your computer speed and stability.


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