Standalone Installer

1. Click the link to start installing Ad-Aware:
Ad-Aware Installer

2. A pop up will appear “Do you want to allow the following program to makes changes to your computer”, click Yes

3. Once the installer starts you will be prompted to click “Start Install” button in blue or “Install in Compatible mode” if you happen to have another antivirus already installed in your computer

4. Ad-Aware Standalone installation process will start

5. Before the installation is complete Ad-Aware will start to run a scan for viruses, you can choose to skip this step by clicking the “skip” button located in grey at the bottom left hand side of the screen

6. Once the scan is complete or you have hit the “skip” button the installation will be completed, you can “close” the screen or “reboot now” - We highly recommend that you click “reboot now”

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