What is Squid?

SQUID is required by Ad-Aware Business edition. The Squid Proxy is used as your download server to quickly download software and definition updates.

Download squid here-


How do I activate my AAW Business Edition license?

Once installed, the first time you start the management console you will be prompted to activate using your serial number. This serial number was sent via email shortly after your purchase was processed.

To activate Ad-Aware business Edition using a new serial number, please complete the following:

  • Log into the Ad-Aware Business Edition console
  • Click on License from the left menu
  • In the License Details, click on Register License
  • Enter your serial number sent at time of purchase and click on Register


How do I install and set-up Business edition on my Network

Ad-Aware Business Edition

Please refer to the in-depth product manual to find specific info.

This can be found in the installation folder.


I cannot get AAWBE to work properly after installation, what should I do?

Check to see if your firewall is blocking communication with Ad-Aware Business Edition's, Admin service and Application server. Ensure the following ports are open for the Administrator Service, Report Services and Application Server; respectively 8080, 8081 and 3000.

If this still does not work, temporarily disable/turn off firewall and antivirus programs and reinstall AAWBE.

Check your network for other software and hardware set-ups which may cause connectivity issues.


Consult the product manual regarding the system requirements and installation prerequisites.

What is a policy?

Policies in Ad-Aware business edition relate to a number of settings which have been edited and combined by the Admin into a rule or “Policy”.

When adding a new policy, the Admin turns on or off specific options as required.

The policy, once saved can be assigned to a specific client machine/ nodes or group from the Business edition’s  console active directory list.

More information can be found in the help manual, “Policies” chapter.

What is AAWService.exe?

This is the main Ad-Aware service that runs in the background, and is considered the "central hub" of the program. It runs the Real-time Protection (RP) engine, as well as maintaining the Definitions, Whitelists and Blacklists.

It also makes sure that all the other parts of the system are kept up-to-date with the whole Ad-Aware application. For example, when a user changes a setting in the Ad-Aware interface, AAWService "echoes" this change to everything else so they know about it immediately.

AAWService.exe normally runs as a Windows Service (but can be run interactively in a terminal for development or Support reasons). When started, it also starts the Tray Application for Ad-Aware.

What is AAWTray.exe?

AAWTray.exe maintains that little icon that sits in the System Tray close to the Windows Clock.

However, it does a lot more than this. It is also responsible for bringing up the MiniMessages and shows the status of the Ad-Watch Live! system by changing what the icon looks like.

The user can also start the Ad-Aware interface from the Tray application by double clicking the icon.

What is Ad-Aware.exe?

This is the front-end for the Ad-Aware system. Ad-Aware.exe manages all the interface features that you see when working with Ad-Aware; It provides the user interaction with the Service.

In the background it is communicating with AAWService.exe, asking it to perform tasks like Scan the system, change settings, etc.

In return, AAWService keeps the GUI up to date with the latest Real-time Protection status, license information, scan progress, statistics and so forth.

What is Ad-Aware Business Edition?

Ad-Aware Business Edition is our latest version of Ad-Aware designed for use on Networks of all sizes.

It contains a Server Console interface, giving IT Admins central control over multiple Ad-Aware clients inside a network environment.

Ad-Aware Business Edition replaces Ad-Aware Enterprise. Enterprise users holding a valid license are entitled to a free upgrade! Log-in to your Lavasoft Support Center account and obtain the installer package from the 'My Downloads' section.

Inportant: Before installing Business edition, uninstall your current version of Ad-Aware Enterprise.

How do I upgrade to Ad-Aware Business Edition from Ad-Aware Enterprise?

As long as you hold a valid Ad-Aware Enterprise license, you are entitled to a free upgrade to Business Edition.

Inportant: Before installing Business edition, uninstall your current version of Ad-Aware Enterprise.

Log-In to the Lavasoft Support Center, go to My Downloads and follow the download link to the latest version.

Download and begin the installation process.