My Serial Number/Registration Key/Activation Code is lost, how do I retrieve it?

If your serial number/registration key/activation code has been lost, there is a quick and easy way to get it back.

1. Log in to the Support center: http://www.lavasoft.com/support/supportcenter/

2. In the left menu, under 'Support Center', select 'Your Licenses'.

3. Here you will find your license info. Below your license you can find a letter icon: 'E-mail Serial Number' and clicking it will automatically send an email with the serial number to your registered email address.


Note: the 'E-mail Serial Number' notification email may be filtered as spam. Please, check your spambox/ junkmail

Why do I receive an error while shredding empty folders?

An application error causes the shredding of an empty folder to fail. Shredding a single empty folder will give an "Operation Failed" result. The cause of this is that empty folders does not include any information to shred and this error is therefore safe to ignore.

Why does shredding system files not remove all the selected files?

Windows and many open applications are constantly using various temporary files. Since these files are in use, they cannot be modified by other applications. As a result, the operation "Shred System Files" will usually generate the result "Operation completed with errors". If you wish to remove more files, simply restart your computer and try again. The operation "Shred Free Space" can also be used to ensure that there is a bare minimum of sensitive temporary files on your system.

Why does it take a long time to start a shredding of the Recycle Bin?

When you select the Recycle Bin Shredder this operation might take a while to complete depending on your configuration. This is usually caused by an unusually large amount of files in the root of the recycle bin. In order for File Shredder to be able to list the paths of the files to be shredded, a lot of processing power is required. In older systems, this can sometimes cause a delay of several minutes before the application can be used again. If this occurs, please make sure that you empty or shred the content of your recycle bin regularly to avoid this problem in the future.

How can I activate my software subscription without an Internet connection?

Please contact us for more information on how to activate your software subscription if you do not have access to an Internet connection.

What is the Subscription Center?

The Subscription Center is used to keep track of your software subscription and also helps you to keep your software up-to-date. You will always need an active subscription in order to use the application. When you first install the application will be able to run the application for free during a "grace period". When this evaluation period expires you will need to purchase an activation code. This code is used to activate your subscription. This subscription feature is becoming standard for most security products and helps to ensures that you are using the latest version of your security software.

Why am I running out of this space when I try to shred free disk space?

This is Windows reaction when the operation is shredding the empty disk space. It is safe to ignore this warning since the disk space will be made available continuously until the shredding is done.

What is the folder "C:\SITShred" and why is it full of files?

You are currently running an operation for shredding free disk space. This operations creates a temporary folder on each selected drive and fills it with large files until there is no more space left on the disk. This folder can also be present if the operation has terminated unexpectedly. If this folder is present without the Lavasoft application running it will automatically be removed the next time to start your application.