Lavasoft Releases Ad-Aware 2007

Anti-Spyware Software Offers More Power, Optimal Efficiency
Gothenburg, Sweden
(June 7, 2007)

Anti-spyware pioneer Lavasoft today announced the release of Ad-Aware 2007 (, including the Plus, Pro and Free versions, after three months of extensive beta testing. The new Ad-Aware 2007 anti-spyware software offers a fully redesigned engine resulting in increased scanning speed and efficient use of computer resources, a new graphical user interface (GUI) and advanced Code Sequence Identification technology to detect deeply hidden and emerging malware.

Features include enhanced threat delivery for frequent updates; faster scans; Ad-Watch RegShield, which blocks malware attempts to change registry settings; Ad-Watch Connect, a snapshot of all programs connecting with networks and another channel to identify keylogger and identify theft attempts; the Scheduler, which sets the date, time and frequency of computer scans; and TrackSweep, which erases tracks left while surfing the Internet and keeps spyware from documenting surf patterns and targeting users with adware and spyware. Ad-Aware 2007 also boasts multiple browser support and works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

The three-month beta testing period saw 335,000 people worldwide register for the Ad-Aware 2007 Beta. Lavasoft engineers worked with this loyal community of users to identify hidden bugs that could not be found solely with in-house testing. Lavasoft developers were thus able to make the necessary corrections prior to the official release of Ad-Aware 2007. Beta testers' feedback also encouraged Lavasoft to tweak the interface with cosmetic changes.

Says Michael Helander, Director of Communications for Lavasoft, "We are humbled by the loyalty to Lavasoft. The sheer number of beta testers confirmed our belief in the committed anti-spyware Internet community. We are renewed in our resolve to provide high-quality Ad-Aware 2007 products, both the enhanced Plus and Pro paid products as well as our no-strings-attached freeware, for the masses and to provide complex technical solutions in a manner that is truly usable by the majority of computer users worldwide."


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