Lavasoft Improves Consumer Security through Project Eco

Gothenburg, Sweden
(October 18, 2006)

Project Eco was re-released today at Lavasoft AB in direct response to growing complexities on the cyber security market.

Consumers worldwide are mercilessly being attacked by new strains of malicious software (malware) that cannot be identified or removed by anti-virus and anti-spyware programs currently on the market. Lavasoft AB is actively developing new removal tools that search for and destroy the toughest malware affecting computer users today.

Project Eco was developed and designed specifically to address malware that cannot be removed through normal software channels, thus improving the computing environment for individuals across the globe. Coming from Greek origins, the term ‘Eco’ means home. It is a term that denotes the surrounding environment. Lavasoft is proud to present Project Eco as a testament to its strong and unwavering commitment to establishing a secure environment in relation to the protection of personal privacy and choice when using the Internet.

According to Ann-Christine Åkerlund, CEO at Lavasoft, “Our company is founded on the principles that are so fundamental for the social consciousness that spawned the Internet – openness, access and choice. So it makes sense for us to continue our quest to provide a secure cyber environment for computer users that allows them to maintain control over their personal and private information.”

Two of the most current strains of malware that have wide-reaching effects on computer users around the world include the Look2me and Virtomonde infections. Lavasoft security analysts have developed stand-alone tools to directly address these threats under the umbrella of Project Eco.

More information is available about Project Eco and the stand-alone malware removal tools that are currently offered at


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