Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware Awarded PC Magazine Editors’ Choice

Gothenburg, Sweden
(March 21, 2011)

Globally known anti-spyware pioneer Lavasoft, today announced that their Internet security solutions Ad-Aware Pro and Ad-Aware Free have both received the prestigious Editors’ Choice from PC Magazine. The Editors' Choice is awarded to products and services that stand out from and above similar products in their categories, according to PCMag.


Respected PCMag lead security analyst Neil Rubenking, who recently reviewed both versions of Ad-Aware said, “This latest Ad-Aware remains very effective at keeping malware out of a clean system and adds new technology that improves its ability to clean up infested systems. With its simple user interface it's a very good choice for malware protection.”

Rubenking also noted, “Most free antivirus utilities are good at either malware removal or malware blocking, but not both. Ad-Aware Free proved very effective in both areas, almost as effective as Ad-Aware Pro”

In the new version of Ad-Aware, Lavasoft introduced a new proactive detection method, called Dedicated Detection, designed specifically to detect polymorphic and obfuscated files. The technology analyzes the code, and creates a loose pattern that detects families of related malware. The resulting signatures are extremely powerful, with a single Dedicated Detection signature being able to detect hundreds of thousands of files.

In parallel to Dedicated Detection, Lavasoft introduced MagmaShield - a technology that searches for suspicious operations at certain points in a program. This technology does not rely on patterns or signatures to detect, which makes it entirely proactive.

“Millions of computer users across the world put their trust in Ad-Aware to protect their PC's from viruses, spyware and rootkits. Receiving a distinction such as this, from one of the most respected reviewers, confirms that Ad-Aware provides an industry-leading defense against today's – and tomorrow’s – cyber threats.” says Johnny Widerlund, CTO at Lavasoft.

To learn more about Ad-Aware, please visit To download a free trial of Lavasoft’s award-winning security software, visit the Lavasoft Trial Center.



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