Ad-Aware Releases Update Supporting Vista

Ad-Aware Releases Update Supporting Vista

Gothenburg, Sweden
(August 28, 2007)

Pioneer anti-spyware company Lavasoft today announced the release of the Microsoft VistaTM compatible version of Ad-Aware 2007.

"Many of our customers have already made the transition to the Windows VistaTM operating system, and they depend on Ad-Aware to continue to protect them from online threats", said Lavasoft's CEO Jason King. "Vista is great for consumer usability, but like its predecessors, it comes with security flaws, leaving computer users vulnerable to cyber threats and crime."

In July, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner announced that Vista had already sold 60 million copies since the launch at the end of January 2007. This latest version of Ad-Aware provides compatibility for VistaTM (32 bit). To ensure that the product was compatible without relying solely on the self-interpretation of "works with Windows VistaTM", developers at Lavasoft took advantage of the Vista-Ready program offered at the Microsoft headquarters.

"We traveled to the United States to develop from within the Microsoft offices, which gave us a great advantage with quick turnaround for any Vista compatibility questions we posed", stated senior developer at Lavasoft, Lennart Lundqvist. "The team at Microsoft is focused on transitioning software applications for the Vista platform, and as a result we have a compatible product to respond to our own customer's needs."

The Vista version is available to existing customers through the web update program within Ad-Aware 2007. New customers can visit for more information.


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