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The original anti-spyware.

In 1999, computer viruses were common but the term spyware was new and only beginning to rear its evil head. Computer users worldwide became extremely frustrated when hackers started taking control of their computers to display unwanted advertising, changing their search results and stealing sensitive information. With the first commercial application, Lavasoft became the pioneer of anti-spyware and remains the leader in the industry to this day.

A word from our CEO

Spyware continues to grow at an alarming rate. Indeed, cyber-criminals found a very lucrative opportunity in being able to control your PC or steal sensitive information. Alongside controlling the ads you see for monetary gain - credit cards can be sold off of websites (which we won't mention) for as little as $2.00 each complete with date of birth, social security numbers, and more. Your PC's control can be rented for a fraction of that to participate in a denial of service attack to intimidate legitimate businesses, governments or utilities.

With big large financial gains readily available, cyber criminals are encouraged to find new and innovative ways to package, disseminate and deliver small programs at a very rapid pace. It is estimated that there are close to 500,000 new threats a day being developed (most often variants of existing ones). While it is challenging to keep up, our labs, the alliances between security providers and our community do a great job at combatting them.

Lavasoft is committed to deliver leading-edge tools that rely on proven technologies to combat all types of malware through our lab's efforts, the support of the community and its alliances and our own technology to stop malware before it hits your PC.

Furthermore, we are also committed to our free foundation - protecting millions of consumers around the world with a free anti-malware software designed to protect their PC and make the internet a safer place.

Daniel Assouline
CEO - Lavasoft
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